February 2024

[Cardiff News plus] Refugees Rights Campaign in Cardiff

Refugees were supported by Young Socialists Cardiff in an event organised this weekend. People came together to show their support to Refugees Rights Campaign. Refugees were putting forward their demands and spreading awareness about it among the people

The campaigners say “refugees living in Britain are one of the most oppressed sections of the society”. Their living standards have gone down since the past few years. These people have been fighting for their basic rights, as education or access to mental health facilities. Out of all these demands, their focus remains on ‘Right to Work’.  Recent reports discovered refugees were paid about just a pound per hour, what they call  a “nightmare”.

To support the Refugees Rights Campaign, Young Socialists Cardiff organised a fund-raising event on Saturday. Cardiff’s emerging musical bands like Private World, CVC, and Sock, including others, performed for free to contribute to this cause. Many artists donated their artwork that was later put up in an art auction. Both these activities managed to attract a larger portion of audience which helped the event organisers to raise over £500.

This event was not just about raising money but rather creating awareness among people about the struggles of these refugees. The youth adds energy and rhythm to their campaign. Social media is one of the major platforms for them to propagate their ideas which calls upon their collective responsibility and moral conscience towards establishing a peaceful and a humane world.

There will be an Anti-racism demonstration in March and a public meeting in April. Particularly in Cardiff, there would be a housing campaign. People involved in this campaign are looking forward to these events and hoping these will work in their favour.

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