July 2024

The demands put forward by the Tamil Solidarity

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Lawanya Ramajeyam

Coronavirus, Covid 19, has locked down more than half of the world population. Its effects are catastrophic.

Although the government across the globe are claiming that “we are in this all together”, this cannot be further from the truth. The virus is affecting the working class, oppressed and the poor the most.

We know that most of the impacts of this crisis both in terms of health and the economy will, directly and indirectly, affect the working class. The key question before us is how we can overcome the problems facing the working class.

The British government announced it will secure 80% of the wages to workers who are self-isolating or in quarantine. This in effect is a 20% wage cut across to all sectors. We cannot accept this.

The government is willing to give large sums of money to bail-out large private industries, and their system and yet workers are forced to accept the pay cut. This is unacceptable and shows that the government’s true interest lies in protecting their class, the capitalist class and big businesses.

Some of the schemes set up by the government to help workers are not coming into action until the end of April. This means that for many people life is left in limbo with inadequate help and support from the government.

Tamil Solidarity has published an article with all the help available in Tamil language that can be found on:

We demand that no workers should be made to pay for the Coronavirus. We also demand that small businesses should not be forced to close which affects both its workers and the community.

We oppose the dismissal of any workers during this period. We demand that jobs should be guaranteed.

It is being reported that there is an increase in trade union membership. Trade Unions such as UNITE, PCS and USDAW have had more members joining in the last month.

When workers feel their working condition and pay under threat they turn to the organised workers union.

Tamil Solidarity has systematically and persistently made links with the trade union movement in Britain.

The main role of the trade unions is to protect the interests of workers. The union is striving to secure higher wages and better working conditions for its members. It also guarantees job security to protect members against unfair dismissal in the workplace. Provides legal advice.

Workers organising collectively will strengthen their demands and increase their chances of winning. This will also push the leadership of the union to take bolder action.

If there are no unions at your workplace, contact the Tamil Solidarity to learn how to join the union. If your union rep is not doing their job well, you can contact your regional authorities.

No one can stop you from joining a union. You don’t have to tell employers about joining a union. If there is a trade union you can contact that representative. If you don’t know what trade union you have or if you have questions about joining the union, contact us.

Tamil Solidarity urges the working class to fight against the inadequate action of the government in the Coronavirus crisis and the unfolding economic crisis. Unite together to build a fightback and to prevent the working class from paying the price of this crisis. Here are the demands put forward by Tamil Solidarity:

  1. Ensure the safety of all the frontline key workers. Provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to every one of them. Make all the investment necessary.
  2. People with flu-like symptoms must be immediately provided with the coronavirus test and the results available within hours. There needs to be mass testing at all levels in the workplaces and the communities
  3. For a free fully funded NHS and renationalise the privatised sectors.
  4. Pay 100 % of wages to all the workers. They are eligible for full payment from day one of their isolation.
  5. Provide necessary compensation to small businesses and self-employed to avoid any loss due to coronavirus crisis.
  6. Job security to all – no dismissal.
  7. Provide full financial support for the unemployed and the people who cannot work.
  8. Provide pensioners with the extra cash they need – health care – and access to food.
  9. Suspend the various household and electricity bills temporarily.
  10. Suspend the rent and mortgage payments temporarily during this coronavirus crisis.
  11. Provide necessary translation services to the needy.
  12. Increase the amount of aid to refugee claimants. It is impossible to live on the small amount of money currently provided. Refugees must be subsidised as a usual employee.
  13. Release all the refugees detained in detention centres. Provide them with adequate shelter, healthcare and food immediately.
  14. Provide the necessary monthly stipend to all those who are denied the right to work.

Big Business Companies should be banned from making profits in the Corona crisis. The government should come forward to nationalise all the companies that are trying to make a profit. All profits generated in this case must be invested in the welfare of the people. Tamil Solidarity is calling for the nationalisation of private companies and the democratic workers control and management.

If you agree with any of the above requests, contact us and register your support.

There is no history that nothing was won without fighting. Continue your struggle today. Join Tamil Solidarity.


Ketheesh – kelkethes@gmail.com
Isai – isaipriya@tamilsolidarity.org
Lawanya – lawanya@tamilsolidarity.org

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