March 2024

Fighting for rights on May Day

Various trade unionists and left groups came together to celebrate interational workers’ day on 1 May. The Refugee Rights Campaign together with Tamil Solidarity also took part in the May Day celebration.

The Tamil-speaking people who took part put forward demands such as the right to work for all, close down detention centres, £10 an hour minimum wage, keep NHS free etc.

The slogans against the Tory party and its leader Theresa May’s anti-working class policies were shouted with enormous energy. That’s because it was clear to the refugees, workers and young people that more years of Tory rule will bring more devastating and unbearable attacks on living standards and rights.

That is why there was such a huge welcome for Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, who spoke at the end of the march. He promised that he and Jeremy Corbyn will invest in the NHS and keep it free, implement a £10 an hour minimum wage, and make education free, etc, if they are elected.

Many Kashmiri and Kurdish activists also took part in the May Day march expressed solidarity with Tamil activists.

Here are some of the pictures from May Day

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