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Allow the right to work

Grant all refugees and asylum seekers the right to work. We stand for everyone’s right to work.


Close down detention centers

Refugees are not criminals. All prison-like detention centres need to be closed down.


£10/hr NOW for all

We support the trade unions’ demand for £10/hour for all workers.


Homes and services for all

Affordable housing and language, health and other services, including mental health facilities. No cuts!

Please Donate to Refugee Rights


More about us

Who we are

We are a group of refugees and asylum seekers who have come together to defend our rights.

What we do

We concentrate on political campaigns to win fundamental rights for asylum seekers and refugees.

We organise protests, public meetings and other public campaigns to defend refugees.

In addition we also the provide following services

Language services

Contacting or recommending legal representatives

We aim to provide more services. We will announce it soon as we prepare the resources.



How can you help

Please join us to support us

Mail us @ join@refugeerightscampaign.org

or click here to join – JOIN

If you can help with providing resources to our services, ,please contact us.

Please also make donation.

Please contact us if you can help us or support us in anyway you can.

You can mail @ adminrefugeerightscampaign.org / or mathan@refugeerightscampaign.org


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